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Google announced an overhaul of Blogger yesterday, which vastly improves the user interface for its many users worldwide. Google has been steadily improving Blogger’s service over 2010, adding features like template designer, comments spam filtering, web fonts and more, yet Google says the Blogger revamp is just the beginning of a big year of upgrades to Blogger in 2011.

The dashboard interface has been redesigned to be more modern and user-friendly, giving easy access to statistics, layout editing 4 Easy Tips to Improve Your Blogger Blog 4 Easy Tips to Improve Your Blogger Blog Read More and useful features Top 10 Blogger Hacks and Tips Top 10 Blogger Hacks and Tips Read More for writing new blog posts. Google used their Google Web Toolkit to create the new interface, showcasing just how powerful the Web Toolkit really is.

Compare these screenshots of the old Blogger dashboard and the new dashboard.

See also the difference between the old Blogger post editor and the new post editor.


Google has also released a content discovery tool, which determines the content of the Blogger page you’re reading and suggests related material you might also enjoy.

Check out Blogger’s promotional video to see examples of some of the new features in action.

In a recent study of popular blogging platforms, Blogger was praised for flawless uptime statistics and therefore proving itself to be the most reliable free blogging platform. Do you agree? Or do you think that WordPress can’t be beaten?

Source: TechCrunch

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