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new features wordpress 3.0WordPress is undeniably one of the most favorite blogging platforms available today. The broad possibilities of customization must be the biggest selling point of this platform and with the latest 3.0 update, WordPress is mightier than ever.

There are several new features with WordPress 3.0 that will make your blogging life easier and more comfortable such as bulk updates, custom menus, custom post type and global help. This new update also comes with new default theme and new theme UI.

So let’s upgrade our WordPress blog, then take a peek at these new features and how they can help us to blog better.

Update To 3.0

If you are already using the previous version of WordPress, you can easily upgrade your blog to version 3.0 just by clicking on the notification link.

new features wordpress 3.0

But please remember to backup 4 Free Tools for Fool-Proof Wordpress Backup 4 Free Tools for Fool-Proof Wordpress Backup Read More your database How To Easily Auto Backup Your Wordpress Database How To Easily Auto Backup Your Wordpress Database Read More and files The 2 Best Non-Techie Ways To Backup Wordpress Blog The 2 Best Non-Techie Ways To Backup Wordpress Blog Read More before you upgrade. You don’t want to lose years of hard work if something went wrong. After the backup, you can continue with the upgrade by clicking on the “Upgrade Automatically” button.


Editor’s note: WordPress also suggests that you disable all of your plugins before the upgrade process.

new features wordpress 3.0

If everything goes well, your WordPress blog will be upgraded to the latest version automatically in a few seconds.

new features wordpress 3

For those who don’t have any WordPress blog, you can easily install The Best Freeware To Do An Easy Wordpress Auto Install The Best Freeware To Do An Easy Wordpress Auto Install Read More one for free How To Setup A Self-hosted Wordpress Blog for Free How To Setup A Self-hosted Wordpress Blog for Free Read More on your host (or on your local hard drive How To Install Wordpress Blog Locally On Your PC How To Install Wordpress Blog Locally On Your PC Read More ).

Now, after finishing the upgrade process, we can continue with the exploration of the new features of WordPress 3.0.

Bulk Upgrades

There’s a new item on the sidebar menu under the Dashboard called “Updates“.

new features wordpress 3

The link will bring you to the bulk update center where you can update WordPress itself whenever there’s a new version available. You can even re-install the current version if you need/want to.

new features wordpress 3

Aside from the core update, the bulk install page also allows you to update plugins,

02c WordPress Updates - Plugins.png

And of course installed themes.

02d WordPress Updates - Themes.png

All you need to do is check the boxes in front of the items that you want to update (or select all), and click the update buttons.

Global Help, Custom Menu & Post Type

Two other new and noteworthy features are the custom menus and post types. Basically these are the features to add customized menus in your blog’s pages and in your sidebar.

To manage custom menus, use the new “Menus” sub menu under “Appearance“.

03a Custom Menu.jpg

You can create new navigation menus and sub-menus according to your needs. Each item could be custom links, pages or categories. To add these items, click on the “Create Menu” button.

03c Menus - Create Menu.jpg

Please note that some WordPress themes don’t support custom menus. The workaround to this problem is to add the items via widgets. To know more about this, click on “Help” on the top right corner of the page. You can find Help everywhere about any topic related to the page that you are on.

04a Help.jpg

The next item on our list is Custom Post Types that will help you create specified post types according to your needs. For example, you can add a new post type about Product, Contacts, or about Newsletter.

But different to Custom Menu, creating Custom Post Types requires a little bit extra work in the coding department. Luckily, you can skip the hard labor using plugins. Search and install plugins that are specifically built for this. So far I managed to find two such plugins: Custom Post Type UI and WP Post Type UI. You can install either one of the two.

05a Install Plugins - Custom Post.jpg

After installation, activate the plugin.

05c Activating Plugin.jpg

If you use WP Post Type UI, you can find its interface as a sub menu under the “Settings” sidebar while the Custom Post Types plugin will create a new menu in the sidebar.

06d Custom Post Types.jpg

Next Stop: Twenty Ten

Since there are so many customization possibilities in WordPress 3.0’s new default theme – Twenty Ten – I’ll save the discussion for another article.

Meanwhile, you can play around with your new WP 3.0 blog and share with us your first impressions, thoughts and opinions using the comments section below.

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