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In recent times, most people that surf the web have or have had a blog. And as we’re living in the technologically advanced era, we’re prone to yearning for making anything that seems remotely inconvenient, well, simple.

This is where this quick, easy, and simple desktop blogging tool comes into place. Why not simplify the way you manage your blog and post without having to open your WordPress, Drupal, or any such blogging platform dashboard?

Lets Blog With BlogDesk

BlogDesk allows you to quickly write and publish posts onto your blog with the click and stroke of a few keys. You’ll be able to manage multiple blogs and create infinite amounts of posts with this tool.

With the support of WordPress, MovableType, Drupal, Serendipity, and others, it allows space for the diverse use of not only multiple blogs, but multiple blogs on several different blogging platforms.

Here’s How:

The first thing you’ll have to do once you’ve downloaded your desktop client is scroll to the menu bar up top, select ‘file’, and click on ‘manage blogs’.


Next you have to choose to create a new blog, enter the blog’s name, its address (www) and then you have to select which blogging platform your blog’s operating on.

Now BlogDesk will ask you for the blogs entry point and port. You will leave this just as it is. Now click ‘next’ and enter your login details.

You will arrive at a screen that will ask you for a blog ID, if you don’t want to enter one, just choose Get Blog-ID. Now click ‘next’ and you’ll be prompted to retrieve all of your blogs categories. Once your categories have been added, click ‘finish’, and you’re done adding a new blog.

Adding a Post

Adding a post if fairly simple. You just need to select your blog, the posts corresponding category, and if you would like to allow commenting, pings, or change the date.

Once your post is complete click on the green arrow pointing upwards and your post will instantly be published onto your blog.

Now, all you have to do is check the published post to make sure that it’s visible to all of your site’s visitors.

A nice simple fast publishing tool for bloggers.  Do you know of anything similar?   Let us know in the comments.

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