Blockr: Block Internet Access Until You Meet Your Writing Or Coding Goals [Chrome]

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As a person who sits on the Internet and writes all day, I can tell you how hard it is to stay on task. There is a giant world out there waiting to smash productivity to bits. Websites like Reddit, Facebook and so many cool places make me forget I have deadlines to meet and work to do. Thankfully, Blockr takes care of that problem by blocking the web until you meet your writing goals.

blockr1 e1345556365403   Blockr: Block Internet Access Until You Meet Your Writing Or Coding Goals [Chrome]

To use Blockr, you will need to create an account where you will define your goals and give yourself a motivational quote. You also set how many hours of Internet access you get for meeting your goals.

Blockr offers a very clean interface for writing. This keeps distractions to a minimum. This is important when you are trying to get things done. Busy screens with lots going on make it hard to focus, and Blockr takes care of that. One thing I noticed was the app did not kick in right away. Once you install the Chrome extension, it may take a little while before it starts blocking the web.


  • Blocks Internet access until you meet your writing goals
  • Set your own writing goals
  • Set amount of time you can get access to the Internet when goals are met
  • Provides a minimal writing area to block out distractions
  • Similar tools: Focalfilter, ColdTurkey, StayFocusd, MinutesPlease and KeepMeOut.

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