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If you are running a web service you would not want users to create one-time accounts using disposable email addresses. This would contaminate your userbase and be counterproductive. A useful tool to check whether or not an email address is one-time or bogus, is a site called “Block Disposable Email”.

detect fake email addresses

Block Disposable Email is a free to use web service that helps detect one-time and fake email addresses by searching domains that offer disposable email services. You simply provide the site with the email address to check and it checks whether or not the address is valid. The results are displayed in text form; if you receive a false positive, you can let the site’s developer know so that the error is corrected.

block fake emails

Forum administrators and owners using phpBB can use the modification available on the “Block Disposable Email” site to integrate the service to their forum easily.


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Lets you detect fake email addresses.
  • Lets you detect disposable email addresses.
  • Can be integrated into your phpBB forum.

Check out “Block Disposable Email” @

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