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Launcher applications have taken off and advanced so rapidly that it almost feels old fashioned to click on the Windows button and then browse through to the application to launch using your mouse.

We have covered our fair share of launchers here on MakeUseOf, each having its own strong point. Blaze is yet another innovative addition to the application launcher universe, however it has a lot going for it with its some of its killer features. Let’s have a look.

First off, it does all the usual application launcher chores like indexing, launching your applications and letting you jump to a file or location. I didn’t find anything special in here except for the fact that it handles typos better. Application launchers generally give way when you accidentally type in a character that is not a part of the application name, Blaze handles this scenario better than others. Let’s face it we all make typos and having a program smart enough to still guess the correct application really helps.

That is not all, Blaze is even smarter. Blaze sneakily watches what you are doing on the computer and tries to come up with a way to automate repetitive tasks. The next time you are doing something over and over again just keep an eye on the system tray. The Blaze icon in the system tray turns yellow when it has some suggestion to automate repetitive tasks. You can then quickly view what suggestion Blaze has to offer by tapping the Caps Lock key twice.

Blaze can monitor and automate anything from entering text to mouse clicks to renaming files to creating folders. In short, if your previous few actions have something in common, Blaze will most likely come up with a suggestion to do it for you.

Here is a look of the suggestion window:


If Blaze comes up with a suggestion which is not what you were looking for exactly, you can tweak the suggestion to your liking before giving Blaze a go ahead to perform it. You can click on the arrows to cycle through the various suggestions that Blaze has to offer, you can increase or decrease the number of repetitions that should be performed, you can control the speed with which the automation is performed allowing you a chance to jump in if something is not right.

Blaze also lets you create new automations from scratch or modify the suggested automation to your liking. You can do so by clicking on ‘Create a new Automation’ or ‘Modify this Automation’ buttons. You will be shown the Automation editor, in here you can modify the automations, add, subtract and modify actions to your liking.

Blaze doesn’t currently support skins so you would to have to be content with the default orange look. It supports plug ins and there are some handy plug ins installed by default, like the one that lets you perform calculations or one which indexes the ID3 tags to let you search music better.

I tried but couldn’t find any more plug ins than the ones those are already installed. If you are into development you can use IronPython to write some of your own!

Overall Blaze is an application launcher with some amazing features that make it worth checking out. You can also refer to the Blaze Quick Guide for advanced automation examples.

What do you think of Blaze? Let us know in the comments.

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