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Although you can follow anyone and everyone on Twitter, following people with similar interests is always a better option. BlastFollow is a Twitter mashup that lets you do exactly that.

It asks you to enter a hashtag that interests you (like #worldcup, #american idol, etc). Then you need to click on get users and it shows you the number of users who used that hashtag recently. Finally, you can enter your Twitter username and password and mass follow those users.

mass follow twitter users

Honestly, I am not quite thrilled with this tool. First, I am not sure if the hashtag is the right way to find people with similar interests. We all use hashtags randomly, don’t we? Second, it asks for Twitter login credentials directly instead of following a better system like OAuth.

Overall, if you like the concept and are desperately searching for more tweeps to follow then you could try it out.


  • Mass follow Twitter users with similar interests.
  • Find people based on the hashtags they used in their tweets.
  • Enter your Twitter login credentials to mass follow tweeps.

Check out BlastFollow @

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