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Web developers like to design webpages that are unique especially in their color themes. But their ambitious approach to creating unique color themes sometimes results in interfaces that are not very reader friendly. There are various tools available such as browser extensions that will allow you to change the color theme of webpages through a few modifications. But manually choosing the background colors, text colors, hyperlink colors, and trying to find the best combination for better readability can be difficult at times. Here to do the job for you is a tool called Blank Your Monitor + Easy Reading.

Blank Your Monitor + Easy Reading is a free to use browser add-on that is compatible with the Mozilla Firefox web browser. The function of this add-on is to help make webpages more readablem which is accomplished by a simple color change on the webpage. After installing the add-on in your browser, you will see a small icon in the bottom right corner of your Firefox window. You can activate the Firefox addon using this icon or by using the hotkey shortcut: Ctrl+Alt+B.

See the image below of what Wikipedia normally looks like.

Now take a look at the following image. It is the result of how the extension changed the color theme of the page. Clearly, the text is easier to read for our eyes as it stands out in a better way.



  • A user friendly browser add-on.
  • Compatible with Mozilla Firefox.
  • Changes colors on webpage for better readability.
  • Provides icon and hotkey shortcut for access.

Check out Blank Your Monitor + Easy Reading @

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