BitStrips: Easily Create Cool Comic Strips Online

Bitstrips is a fun online comic maker tool which would work great for those who love to read comics, because this tool will give them a chance to star themselves in a self-created online comics. This website lets you create original comic strips from a collection of pre-made characters which can be easily added to the comics. You can then add text in talk bubbles or balloons and create your own story line thus making an entertaining comic strip.

bitstrips1   BitStrips: Easily Create Cool Comic Strips Online


  • Do-it-yourself comic strip creator.
  • Easily create comic strip from pre-made characters.
  • Read and comment on other comics
  • Also you can create your own unique characters
  • Free sign up !

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Josiah Guile

This is actually really fun. You can see some that i’ve made at my URL.
Thanks for the tip guys!