BitSnoop: A New Torrent Search Engine

BitSnoop is a new torrent search engine which aims to make bad, duplicate and missing torrents a thing of the past with better indexing and combining of torrents. The torrents are generated by Tracker Match. It collects all of the trackers matching your search results and uses the ones with the most amount of seeds. It also filters out duplicated torrents for faster download speeds.

bitsnoopsearch thumb   BitSnoop: A New Torrent Search Engine

The homepage resembles that of Google’s in so far as the employment of minimalism. The search results are also very plain yet neatly organized ““ free of advertisements except for a banner towards the end of the screen.

bitsnoopresults thumb   BitSnoop: A New Torrent Search Engine

I didn’t find the download speed had increased much in comparison to other torrents but the fact that it weeds out the bad torrents did save me some time and disappointment, I suppose.


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Yeah, been using it for a while. Great search quality and nice clean design.


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