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Today’s offices usually have multiple departments, and in each department there are many employees. Normally the departments in these offices communicate with one another only by email. But the stale interface and nature of email makes official interaction boring and discourages creativity. What employees need is a fresh and visually appealing way to communicate with one another to share information and ideas.

Since the information being shared is sensitive and the nature of each workplace is unique, you cannot simply use a social network for these tasks. What you need is a secure intranet solution for your company that facilitates interaction with other employees via collaborative tools. Here to offer all that is a tool called Bitrix Intranet.

intranet for office

Bitrix Intranet is an intranet solution for small to medium sized companies that lets employees interact with one another in a much more effective and friendlier way than email or social networks. The tool offers a wide array of impressive features that include easily finding employees in any department of the company.

Your company’s departments are accessible through a main page. The main structure of the company that defines departmental hierarchy is also given. The hierarchy table displays the number of employees in each department.


You can look up employees and their information via alphabetic browsing or a simple keyword search.


Other features of Bitrix Intranet include calendars, activity streams, files and photos, features that let you converse with other employees, and a task list. The built-in collaborative tools let you initiate tasks and assign them to other employees; tasks can have comments and files associated with them to speed up collaboration.

All these features of Bitrix Intranet come in a package titled “InfoPace” with a price tag of $1,299 and a 30 day trial. The developers of the app are generously offering a free InfoPace package to the first commenter on this post.

Smaller business owners should visit Bitrix24 for a small business version of the developer’s online intranet solution.


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • An efficient intranet solution.
  • Offers collaborative tools.
  • Facilitates interaction between employees.

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