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dvd ripper windowsThere are all sorts of reasons you would want to rip your DVD’s to AVI files. In my case it is getting rid of my space killing DVD collection.

I am going to be packing ’em up and putting them away for storage.

But that shouldn’t mean I can’t have access to any movie I own at any given time…


dvd ripper tool

Well for a long while, if you wanted to rip DVD’s that meant you needed to know how to decrypt your DVD’s and then you needed a little geeky know-how to convert those “vob” files and other crap to something playable.


Times they are a’ changing because this little free application called bitRipper includes a de-crypter and a converter in one package. That means throw the DVD into your DVD drive and click START RIPPING!

dvd ripper freeware

It is that easy. It’s easy enough for your mom to do it. For real!


If you don’t believe me, go check it out for your self. Grab the installer direct from here or visit the author’s homepage here.

My download did not require a registration code but the author does include this on the download page:

If your download requires entering username and regcode, please use the following ones:
User name:

Registration code:

bitRipper also has advanced configuration modes available where you can get at some settings but the two best features are the included DVD decrypting and On the fly writing.

On The Fly DVD Writing does not require you to use almost 5 gigabytes to rip your dvd before burning the AVI. That’s right it converts video on-the-fly, copying data and writing it to your AVI file at the same time.

bitRipper was originally commercial software when I first came upon it but it is free now and occasionally updated. The author points out that he has added these features in the recent past:

  • Ability to control the ripping process system priority
  • Internal video bitrate calculator to fine-tune the compression level
  • Authorization support for protected discs
  • Episodical discs support (multiple DVD tracks containing multiple parts)
  • Support of the most of video export formats including AVI, MPEG, DivX
  • Reduced installation package, maximized stability and reliability

bitRipper is an amazing find and a regular part of my DVD ripping activities! Give it a shot.

What do you use to rip your DVD’s? Something as easy and free? Put me on it in the comments.

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