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BitReplica is a simple and convenient file backup software for the PC that allows you to store your photos, documents or any other important files. It protects them in case your computer has crashed, is attacked by a virus, or if you accidentally delete a file.

The process works in three steps. The first step requires you to create a profile. Next, you need to specify which files you want to create a backup of and how. In the third and final step, you are required to assign a storage location for the back up files created.

 backups for documents

The software is particularly useful for people who have multiple storage devices or multiple computers on which their data is stored.


  • Lets you create several profiles to save backup in multiple locations.
  • Offers manual as well as automatic (scheduled) backup creation.
  • Provides a backup history for each profile created.
  • Allows you to customize each profile individually.
  • Supports file synchronization between multiple PCs.

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  1. Terry
    June 12, 2012 at 12:54 pm

    It is Windows only, I found out on the website. The usage of PC instead of Windows gave me hope that the software might be available for all Operating Systems that are commonly used on PC hardware, such as Linux. While it's quite commonplace in software requirements to conflate the hardware system with the operating system MakeUseOf tends to be very precise and detail oriented.

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