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The bookmark sharing site,, recently rolled out new features for saving bookmarks, building bundles, viewing bookmarks by social contacts, as well as releasing a Chrome extension and an iPhone app. It’s a complete overhaul of their products.

Bitly is well known as a tool for shortening long URL links so they can be more easily shared via email and social network sites. Bitly also includes features for saving and managing shortened bookmarks, as well as bundling groups of URLs together so they can be shared using one URL.

One of the newest features is “bitmarks”, which are essentially bookmarks saved using a Bitmarklet in your web browser. When you want to save a URL to your Bitly account, you click the Bitmarklet and a window will open in the current page of your browser. From there you can save and add the selected URL to an existing bundle or create a new one.

Each URL gets a shortlink, and they can be viewed on your Bitmarks page or wherever you post them. In addition, you can now more quickly view stats via your Bitly account, such as how many times a link has been clicked and saved from wherever its posted. In addition, all your links are searchable on the site.


Bitly also rolled out its first ever iPhone app which mirrors the features of its site. Users can save bitmarks from within the app, and share them via email, Twitter and Facebook. And like the online site, bitmarks can also be kept private.

Source: TechCrunch

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