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Whether you love or hate football, you will have no doubt heard that one player bit another player in the shoulder during the FIFA World Cup 10 Great World Cup Moments To Get You In The Mood [Stuff to Watch] 10 Great World Cup Moments To Get You In The Mood [Stuff to Watch] A short but entertaining list of great World Cup moments from tournaments gone by – in no particular order. Read More . The biter being Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez, who decided to gnaw at Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini. The referee missed the incident, but the cameras caught it perfectly.

It was the bite that spawned a million tweets, or at least what felt like a million tweets, and we have compiled the best reactions to Luis Suarez’ moment of madness just for you. The great thing is you don’t even need to be a football fan to appreciate the level of creativity and sense of humor that went into these tweets.

With Some Fava Beans & A Nice Chianti

Hannibal Lector likes eating people. And after biting at least three of his opponents it’s becoming clear Suarez does as well. Fetch the gimp mask!

Apple Bites Back

Like me, you’ve probably always wondered why Apple’s logo has a bite taken out of it. Now we know the reason; Suarez got a little peckish.

Tyrannosuarez Rex

The truth is out. Luis Suarez isn’t a Uruguayan striker at all, he’s a cloned Tyrannosaurus rex known either as Tyrannosuarez rex or Tyrannosaurus suarex.

Cinnamon, Sugar, & Shoulder

I can’t imagine sugary cereal tastes anything similar to human shoulder. I wouldn’t know, not having tasted human shoulder. We had better ask Suarez instead.


Teething Problem

Most children grow out of their teething problems very quickly. Luis Suarez is 27-years-old and yet still feels the need to gnaw on something hard once in a while.

Suarez Eats Pac-Man

Everybody loves Pac-Man Pacmania: 4 Of The Best Pac-Man Clones Throughout History Pacmania: 4 Of The Best Pac-Man Clones Throughout History Would games even exist if Pacman had never existed? Maybe, maybe not, but it's impossible to deny that this game paved the way for arcade gaming and beyond. Read More . Everybody hates (or pities) Luis Suarez. This makes them a perfect match. Waka, waka, waka.

Learning Restraint

Luis Suarez’ habit of biting people for no reason isn’t a new one. His parents tried to help him when he was a kid, but it’s difficult to play football in a strait jacket.

Mistaken Identity

OK, enough jokes. Poor old Suarez couldn’t help himself. He just got confused between Chiellini and canneloni. We’ve all done it, right?

The Cone Of Shame

I’m not saying Luis Suarez is a dog, but maybe a treatment normally reserved for a dog is suitable for the Uruguayan striker on this occasion.

The Walking Suarez

We all knew the zombie apocalypse was going to arrive one day. We just didn’t know a World Cup footballer chomping on an opponent would be the first sign.

A Beer With Bite

This is all kinds of ironic given that Bud Light isn’t exactly known for its bite. That was until Suarez got involved in the brewing process. Now, it bites back hard.

Panini Stickers Come Unstuck

Panini sticker albums the world over need updating to be truly representative of the current state of Chiellini’s shoulder. Or at least what’s left of it.

Nom Nom Nom

Luis Suarez is still claiming he didn’t actually bite Chiellini, despite video evidence to the contrary. This picture, which hasn’t been tampered with at all The Top 10 Photoshop Blunders Of All Time The Top 10 Photoshop Blunders Of All Time Over the past decade or two, Adobe’s Photoshop image editing software has become a staple in the world of graphics and media. In fact, Photoshop’s popularity and usage is so widespread that the word "photoshop"... Read More , is proof.

A Plea For Help

Let’s not be too harsh on Luis Suarez. He’s just poor and hungry, and resorting to biting the shoulders of fellow footballers whenever he can. Give generously.

Snickers Satisfies Suarez

Brands acted quickly when this incident occurred, and Snickers nailed it by suggesting Suarez grab some chocolate the next time he’s feeling peckish.

Muzzle Tov!

Dangerous dogs are often fitted with muzzles to stop them attacking children when hero cat isn’t around to save the day. It’s the perfect solution for Suarez too.

World Cup Buffet

This wasn’t a premeditated act, it was all just a big misunderstanding. Someone told Suarez there was a buffet, and he assumed they meant during the game.

Hungry Hungry Suarez

Forget Hungry, Hungry Hippos, the new game popular amongst kids is Hungry, Hungry Suarez. It’s exactly the same game, except with Suarez instead of hippos.

Suajaws: The Revenge

What has big, pointy teeth and a penchant for biting flesh? Why, Luis Suarez, of course. And, to a lesser extent, sharks.

Earvander Holyfield

The final word on this incident must go to Evander Holyfield, the heavyweight boxer who had half his ear bitten off by Mike Tyson. He knows what he’s talking about, he just can’t hear you if you answer him back. Badum-tish.

Unlike Suarez, We Don’t Bite…

Were you as shocked by Suarez biting Chiellini as the rest of the world? Is it destined to be the biggest talking point of the whole of the 2014 World Cup Soccer Mad? How To Follow The World Cup Soccer Mad? How To Follow The World Cup The following are some cool ways to keep up-to-date with the goings-on in Brazil. You can also use these methods during the regular soccer season to follow your favorite teams. Read More ? Have you seen an even better/funnier/smarter tweet referencing the incident than those we have featured here? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Image Credit: Greg Westfall via Flickr

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