Bitdefender Security for Windows 8 Gives Security a New Look [MakeUseOf Rewards]

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Microsoft’s new operating system has taken a radically new approach to the user interface. It’’s sleek, it’s simple – and it’s controversial. Some software developers are already learning from what Microsoft has done and packaging it into their own software.

Bitdefender’s Windows 8 Security is an excellent example. It performs the same function as previous versions of software, and is just as effective. But it is also attractive, friendly and extremely easy to approach. Let’s take a closer look.

The Importance Of Integration

Bitdefender’s standard security suite already takes steps to make its interface easy to use. Rather than relying on large menus it uses a heavily graphical interface with a custom look that is compact but also informative. Below is a screencap of Bitdefender Total Security 2013’s main menu.

Most of what you need to know is immediately available. Yet there are limits to what the company can do alone. Sleek though it may be, the software doesn’t build off the aesthetics of Windows because, before Windows 7, there wasn’t anything to build from.

Bitdefender’s Windows 8 Security is different. Take a look.

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This main menu is functionally similar but, because it builds off the very distinct style of Windows 8, it integrated better into the operating system. The big, bold, easy to read text is inviting, and individual features of the software can easily be found.

Look closer and you’ll notice other details, as well. The gear icons used to open settings are similar (but not identical) to those used in Windows 8’s own interface. Similar comments can be made of the expanded menu icons (the six rectangles in the lower left). Overall, the look and feel is instantly familiar to anyone who’s become accustomed to Windows 8.

This may not seem that important to our more technically adept readers but, as I’ve written in previous security articles, an understandable user interface is importance. A user who feels off-put or confused by security software probably won’t use it properly, which leaves them vulnerable. The intuitive, well-integrated interface of Bitdefender Windows 8 Security goes a long way towards ensuring the software is correctly used.

Still Full-Featured

Despite the difference in name, Windows 8 Security is only somewhat different from Total Security 2013. It retains many key features including real-time virus protection (of course), parental controls, privacy protection and a firewall. These are the features any one-stop security solution absolutely must have.

The software also retains Silent Security. This feature, when turned to auto-pilot, takes care of basically everything necessary to keep your PC protected. It automatically updates the software and takes action whenever a threat is detected. Rather than prompting the user when they attempt to acquire a file that’s infected, the software simply refuses to let it be downloaded. And attempts to bypass the firewall are similarly rejected. This means the computer is protected without a flood of pop-ups that annoy or worry the end user.

Another notable feature found in this software is Bitdefender Safepay. It’s a special secure browser that activates when the user conducts online transactions (it can also be opened via a shortcut). It’s kept away from all other software and browser extensions – which means it’s invulnerable to malware that might find its way in through those channels. Bitdefender also looks for signs that you’re being targeted by a phishing attack and uses a virtual keyboard to help protect against keyloggers.


Bitdefender offers a free 30-day trial of this software. After the trial is up, you can buy it for $59.95 to protect one PC or $74.95 to protect three PCs.

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