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BitDefender launched a new weapon for fighting viruses and malware on Wednesday with the release of their 60-second virus scanner for PCs. The software which comes in the form of a tiny 160KB Windows executable aims to scan your Windows machine for problems in record time while providing real-time cloud protection and alerts. According to the company the software can be run alongside users’ existing anti-virus software for added security.

That means there’s no need to disable your existing protection or worry about potential unwanted interactions, a common problem when running multiple security suites. The cloud-based nature of the scanner also makes it a viable option for those currently under attack from malware, particularly malicious code designed to disable “always on” scanner software.

The scanner works silently in the background and according to BitDefender has “virtually no impact” on a user’s system performance. The company hopes that users will be able to isolate problems with their current protection once they’ve tried the 60-second scanner:

We expect a lot of people who use the scanner to find out that their existing antivirus solution isn’t catching everything it should,” said Chief Security Strategist Catalin Cosoi in a blog post. The software works with all versions of Windows from XP with Service Pack 2 to the recently released Windows 8.


BitDefender is known for their range of quality affordable Internet security software, including BitDefender Internet Security.

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Source: BitDefender Blog

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