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Unfortunately, it seems like we can’t make it a week without hearing about a popular service coming under fire from hackers, and now has fallen prey. The link-shortening service has put out a notice to its users that account that information may have been compromised, and as such, users should change their passwords to protect themselves.

The firm doesn’t believe that any accounts have been accessed as of yet, but it’s still smart for users to take the proper precautions. As part of that, has automatically unlinked any Facebook and Twitter accounts that were previously connected to the service, so in the event that an account is granted unauthorized access, the malicious individual will not be able to also get into social media accounts.

The process to change a password is painless. Users simply need to go to ‘Settings’ on the top right of the screen, enter their current password in the appropriate field, and then enter a new one. Of course, users should make sure to choose a secure password to prevent future unauthorized access to their account.


Users will also need to reconnect their accounts for sharing links if they were connected before this attack. Under ‘Settings’ there is a tab labeled ‘Connected Accounts.’ Click on that, and it will jump to a screen where one can add their social media accounts to the service.

Source: TechRadar


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