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Numerous web apps now let you enter your income and expenditure to be graphically viewed and analyzed. But each time you enter your financial data you must open up a separate browser tab for the app. Here to eliminate this inconvenience is an expenditure-analysis web app called Birdy.

analyze your spending habits

Birdy is a user-friendly web app that helps analyze your expenditures and spending habits. Unlike similar websites on which you have to log in to feed your data, Birdy emails you every day; you respond to this email with your expenditures.

The format you follow is quite simple; for instance if you spent $2 at McDonalds, you simply include in the email “$2 mcdonalds #food” to log the expenditure into the food category. Similarly you can include details of all daily expenditures in separate lines of the email; your data is displayed as a pie chart and plotted against time.


At the end of the week or whenever you want to view this data you can log into your Birdy account and visit your dashboard to see these graphs. The dashboard is also where you can include additional expenses you forgot to include in the emails.



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