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Add the mobile version of Twitter to your Mac’s menu bar. BirdDrop is a Mac app that makes browsing your tweets on your Mac simple – and does so in a familiar way. It’s simple, sure, but for some it just might be the best Twitter experience offered for the Mac.

OS X used to be an operating system abounding with Twitter clients, but that was a long time ago. The switch to OAuth killed off a bunch of third-party apps, a trend recent API changes have only accelerated. The result: the only decent free Twitter clients on OS X are made by Twitter itself – and paid clients all seem to cost over $20, as developers try to cover the increased API prices. But even Twitter’s official Mac client rarely sees updates these days, lacking key features such as the “Interactions” screen (which highlights RTs and Favorites alongside “@” messages).

BirdDrop works around all such shortcomings by not attempting to be anything more than a frame for the mobile version of the website – meaning there is no need for anything as potentially costly as API access. Here’s how it looks:


Like I said, it’s the mobile version of the website, in a frame, attached to your menubar. There’s more than that here though: you can click any link and it will open in the pop up. A little stripe at top allows you to go back to Twitter itself. This makes the quick browsing. And everything supported by the mobile version of Twitter is supported here, meaning you’ll have access

There’s not a lot else to say here: it works. Nothing to configure, just a quick way to add Twitter to your icon bar. Not sure how to quit? Neither was I, but as it turns out you need to right-click the icon:




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