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Hiring freelance programmers to write up the source code for your programming tasks can be quite time consuming. A much better option is Binpress, a website that acts as a marketplace for buying and selling source codes online. It can help you find and purchase the source code you need.

selling source code

Source codes on the site correspond to a variety of tasks and are written in various languages. All codes listed on the site are scrutinized by the website for functionality and authenticity. Developers can get their codes licensed.

To help your codes sell, the site uses several distribution channels including SEO and PPC campaigns, partnerships with affiliates, and cross-site promotions. To provide developers with an extra initiative, the site is holding a programming contest with more than $40,000 in cash and prizes for winners. Sponsors of this contest include big names like Google, Microsoft, PayPal, Amazon Web Services, and Conduit.

You can find codes and click on the one you need. The Binpress page of a code details its information; this information includes its description and instructions on how to use it.

selling your source code


Most codes can also be previewed via a demo. You can control parameters and see how the code reacts.

sell source code


  • A website for buying and selling your source code.
  • Helps buyers find and purchase the right source codes.
  • Contains codes in numerous languages.
  • Codes correspond to a variety of tasks.
  • Similar tool: AppSplit.

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