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Contests are a great way of interacting with your users and make your platform more dynamic. Traditionally, creating and managing contests on the web have been a difficult task, but Binkd makes the process easy by automating it. Using Binkd, you can easily create a variety of contests including challenges, voting, sweepstakes and more.

While creating a contest, specify details like a contest name and description, start and end time, number of entries allowed and any specific policies. You can also customize the theme to change the look and feel of your contest. If you are planning to run the contest on a WordPress site, you can install the Binkd plugin to do that within seconds. Similarly, the Facebook application allows you to create contests on your Facebook page in no time.

manage contests online


  • Create and manage contests easily.
  • Track entries and view results in real-time.
  • Easy to install on FB or WordPress.

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