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Bingo cards are a form of lottery game, where each player has a card with 5 rows and 5 columns containing 25 unique numbers in each square. The position of numbers on a card is unique for every player. Once a number is called, each player marks it on their card. Once all the numbers have been called, the player who completes the entire line (horizontally, vertically or diagonally) calls “Bingo!” and wins the game.

To play this game with your friends you have to make your own paper bingo cards. And it is time consuming to do it manually. That’s where BingoCardApp comes in. It is an online bingo card generator that lets you make free printable bingo cards quickly and easily. To create your own set of bingo cards, go to their website, type your words (at least 24) into the box below, one per line. Give your bingo cards a name and then click “Generate Bingo Cards”.

generate bingo cards

In the next step, enter the number of cards you want to have, cards per page (1,2 or 4) and click “Download” to download the generated unique cards as a PDF file.

The service is free and lets you generate up 8 bingo cards per word list. To generate more bingo cards you will have to sign up for their paid membership, currently at 10$/lifetime. With a membership you get other benefits like editing the created bingo cards, a public address for your bingo cards, no ads and no Bingocardapp signature at the bottom of your printed cards.




  • Generate free custom unique printable bingo cards.
  • No registration needed to generate cards.
  • Generate up to 8 cards for a single word list.
  • Sign up (for paid membership) to edit your bingo cards and print unlimited number of cards per word list.
  • Similar tools – FreePrintableCards, FreePDFCards.

Check out BingoCardApp @

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