Bing Pulse Brings Real Time Interactivity To President Obama’s State Of The Union Address [Updates]

Bing Logo Intro Image   Bing Pulse Brings Real Time Interactivity To President Obama’s State Of The Union Address [Updates]President Obama’s State of the Union address is only hours away, and Bing has readied itself with a special interactive website to not only showcase the event but also gather public reaction in real time. President’s Obama’s address to the nation will be the first of his new term. Bing Pulse is a partnership between the search engine and FOX News Channel and

It seeks to capture the vastly divergent and opinionated public opinion. Bing Pulse is already live but it will become fully interactive a few hours before the address. Viewers can join the conversation by “voting” every five seconds on their reactions to the President’s speech. Real time results of the Bing Pulse will be shown at and on FOX News Channel.

The interactive site will be driven by Bing’s data technology and social search experience; the real-time nature and the impact on viewership could make it a trendsetter. But more than that, the live data could help to distil the important from the unimportant. Accompanying this launch will be the social sentiment tracker, the Bing Beat, which will analyze social sentiment on Twitter associated with the State of the Union, such as immigration, gun control, and the fiscal cliff.

bing pulse   Bing Pulse Brings Real Time Interactivity To President Obama’s State Of The Union Address [Updates]

As Mark Penn, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft says,

By bringing together Bing’s capabilities to bring high-quality search results, news, images, social commentary and more to the State of the Union address, we hope to enable a deeper level of participation in the national dialog at this important moment our national political life.

The announcement also stresses that Bing Pulse is a non-partisan effort with the goal of empowering the American public with real feedback as it happens, when it happens.

Source: Bing Search Blog

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Mac Witty

Interesting how the search engines wanted to “be involved” Googles having hangouts with astronauts

Saikat Basu

These events are attention grabbers. You need influencers today. Remember the Reddit sessions with Obama and Arnie. But it is good for us, the lay viewer isn’t it. Takes us into real-time.


I’m already sick to my stomach


He lies soooooo much!

Red, white and blue

B.O. says, “we are strong”
hahaha…we are divided and broke!!

Barbara Vasek

I now have a headache from listening to his lies. Same old song and nothing new.

S Tomasino

Can’t agree so far.

S Tomasino

Promises, promises

Dan Conn

Here comes BO’s bipartisan BS again. Yet he has proven time and time again that he is the MOST partisan president EVER! So far he’s asked the wealthy to pay up again over and above the January 1 tax increase.


We’re doomed……DOOMED!


Blahh, blahh, blahh


He promised to repair bridges and roads when he ran for President the first time, guess this is a do over


He’s thinking people forgot his first time around promises. By the way…..guess how he’s going to pay for all this “spending”? ……… I mean, “investment.”

Dan Conn

Ok, more money, more money from the treasury for pre-school. His high school suggestions will be fought by teacher unions.

Dan Conn

Make higher ed more affordable by squeezing colleges. Been done already.

Edward J. Cardinale

We will never hear the truth from this man.

Phil losasso

All I am hearing is the same rhetoric that I have heard from this president for the last four years.I am sick of hearing about paying fair share and class warfare

Dan Conn

White males are the only class of people who have almost no protection other than base law.


The reason for that is that we are now the minority.

Dan Conn

Minimum wage. Some will make more but a large number will be laid off.


This guy is as dumb as a door knob. Slightly smarter than a house plant. Send him back to Chicago


America had her chance last November but proved to be as dumb as when we elected Jimmy Carter. How could we be so stupid a SECOND time? By the way….Chicago doesn’t want him either!

Karin Hughes

we r the middle class. Our taxes have already gone up!!! Quit the lies and discuss the economy…I have 2 coming out of college that need jobs and not Obama’s give swayed and debt. Quit telling me how bad the rich are and start reducing that deficit, cutting taxes and let the economy work without being influenced by the “almighty one”.


He is the biggest liar I have ever budget , spending like a drunken sailor, but he goes on vacation and his freeloading wife spends our money. The only people that voted for him was freeloaders, drug addicts, gays , brain dead collage kids and Chris Mathews o wait he is all the above!!!

Ellen Palmer

Talk is just as cheap today as it always has been. He can certainly talk a good game but I don’T like any of his actions..His policies and ideals for this country are real scary.


This guy is the biggest idiot to ever be President, I bet Jimmy Carter is glad Obama got in office. I think Carter at least loved his country.


Kinda makes you long for another Ronnie Reagan…..doesn’t it?

an independent voter

Our Emperor is so full up to the top of his head with s__t, his eyes should be brown. Oh, wait; they are!

S Tomasino

Hard to figure out he can say these things and do the opposite.


Sounds like a high school pep rally for a losing season and Oh by the way there will be an increased gate fee to support my team.
SOS from B_ _ _HO_ _!

Holly Morris

I am embarrassed that any of my fellow Americans believe in this man. We are smarter than this……Get real and open your eyes as to what he is perpetuating.


Here comes the guns

Tyler Carpenter

we need to unite and rise against this lying government! who ever is with me like this and i will contact you to help bring america back together again! we have to start somewhere


I have been employed for over 40 years and I am making less and working longer hours the cost of living and taxes are sucking my chance to ever retire. So I don’t know what planet B.O. Is from or even on

Phil losasso

We have some really stupid people in this country to support this guy


Same old b.s.


The good news is…..wait for it…..wait…..he didn’t speak for 2 hours!

Ray McConnell

same old thing