‘Bing It On’ Pits Bing And Google In A Face-Off Contest For Search Stakes [Updates]

bingiton thumb   ‘Bing It On’ Pits Bing And Google In A Face Off Contest For Search Stakes [Updates]The face-off between Google and Bing may remind you of the clash of the other two titans – Coca-Cola and Pepsi. But it’s still not so much in our faces as yet. But with the Bing It On Challenge, Microsoft and Bing seem to have thrown the gauntlet at Google. The Bing It On Challenge is an online search test that anyone can do, and which supposedly shows that Bing gives better search results over Google.

The challenge is a blind comparison test where you do five searches and compare the search results from Bing and Google side by side without knowing which is which. You just get to mark out the search which you think is better than the other. After five rounds, the winning search engine is declared. You can also share it with others via Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

bingiton   ‘Bing It On’ Pits Bing And Google In A Face Off Contest For Search Stakes [Updates]

The test follows an independent market research finding that shows people chose Bing Web search results over Google nearly 2-to-1 in blind comparison tests. The Bing It On Challenge is Microsoft’s attempt to show that the results of the research are easily verifiable by anyone. Mike Nichols, corporate vice president and chief marketing officer of Bing says,

“Relevancy of search results is the No. 1 driver of search engine preference, and independent research shows that people chose Bing’s Web search results over Google’s nearly 2-to-1. It’s time to break the Google habit and learn why you deserve more from your search engine.”

Come back with comments and your own interpretation on the Google and Bing face-off.

Source: Microsoft News Center

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Jhon H. Caicedo

I do not trust Microsoft to create an honest competition, and “announcing” that Bing wins 2:1 from day one is really suspicious. There is no “independent” study if you are paying for the results. BTW, I take the test and Google wins 4:1 in my case.

Sebastian Hadinata

5:1 in my case :D
I tried searching some basic keyword, google still gives a better result. . .

Ahmed Khalil

Yes, me too.
i trust in google more than Microsoft, and i belive that microsoft need at least 10 years of hard work with bing to reach the mountant that google stands on

Saikat Basu

True. It does remind me of the way Coca-Cola and Pepsi go for each other’s throats and are not subtle about it. If Google does not respond, it will “in a way” mean that it is still tops.

Jack Giebel

Google won five out of five for me. Always have, and will continue to use Google.

Sebastian Hadinata

same… google ftw… no matter what other says XD

Rajaa Chowdhury

If the competition was run by an independent body who is not sponsored or has any vested interest in either of the participating search engine company, then this competition would have credibility. Otherwise a competition like either Bing it on or Google it on results are always rigged. This competition simply has no credibility and does not do anything to change people perception.


My score Google 4, Bing 0 1 draw- but I used my own typical style of inquiries, and not one of the suggested ones. Maybe MS should bing on better results and the marketing will take care of itself. This kind of reminds me of the smoked by windows phone promo, which MS tried to claim victory even when they got beat in their own tests they designed for them to win.

Benjamin Glass

I tried twice (because I hated being told I liked Bing better the first time). The second time, I came up with Google 5-Bing 0!

Rich Mc.

I just took the challenge after reading this and I noticed that when google won I was offered a re-match but when I chose bing more times……guess what no re-match offer.

Victor Ong



Very interesting…tell us your real results in the comments please. I am curious as we advertise online and google has been the dominant force sending us customers even though our spend on each is even. I will never believe Bing until they start directing us more customers. Plus, Bing is running the competition? Seems just a little fishy.

Va Du

Not looking good for Bing. Google won 4-1 when I tried it and if you look at their Twitter Feed, the amount of spam they tweeted to apologize to each individual user was dreadfully annoying I had to unfollow them.


I believe this relies on the laziness of people, and how they are most likely to choose from the suggested terms. All the suggestions seemed heavily biased towards Bing. When I actually entered my own terms Google won 2 and I got 3 draws (because my terms rendered almost exactly the same results between the two)

I also agree with Jhon H. Caicedo.

Saikat Basu

Spot on. I also came to the same conclusion.

Saikat Basu

Great feedback friends! I hope Bing is catching these while its spider goes about indexing pages :)

rimaz nazeer

Bing gave better results for me.Thats not going to make me abandon Duck Duck go!!

Joshua Todd Cowper

http://www.bingiton.com just redirects me to the Bing homepage here in Australia, but when I use a US-based VPN it works fine. Why would Microsoft do that?

Saikat Basu

I think they have restricted it to the U.S region. It is strange because the day I wrote this news piece, it wasn’t. I could access it from India, and now also I can’t.


UK, and via Netherlands VPN, does the same for me. Messed up.


I can’t access it in the UK. Seems a really unfair competition, and to redirect to Bing rather than a “Sorry, not for you” page is obviously an underhanded way to get more people to use them.

Yang Yang Li

Bing won 3-1 in my case. This might be a result of me using Bing as my primary search engine for the last 6 months.

Saikat Basu

So? Do you find it better than Google Search?


Interesting – I just tried this and Google squeaked into the lead – barely. Mostly I got a draw. I may have to try Bing more often, but for now Google remains my home page


Interesting – in my trial run Google took a scant lead – mostly I got draws. I may try Bing more often in the future, but for now Google retains home court advantage.

Saikat Basu

Hey! what’s stopping is from using both :)

Victor Ong

I used bing to search once. Google is great because it gives you a corrected version of your search (if you misspelled). However, Bing gives you the search that you SEARCHED for, and the suggested one is a tiny little link at the bottom. This is why it took so long to find something with Bing.

Gabriel Barron

I took the test and google wins 4:1. Sometimes i think that Bing tries too hard… :0

Dave Parrack

When it was available in the UK Bing won 3-2 for my searches. I like Bing, but like so many others I tend to forget it exists for long stretches. I’m not sure Google’s brand recognition will ever be beaten.

Saikat Basu

That’s the same thing we used to say about Kodak :) I am also just like you there, suddenly I recall that there’s Bing and it might give me some interesting image search results. Could it be that being the default search engine of Firefox and Chrome, Google has become a habit? For instance, I always ask myself – do people really use Google+ (over Facebook)? Or what’s really great about Instagram? It’s just that it has captured our mindspace, like any other great brand.


Mine went Google 3, Bing 2. I don’t know where Microsoft gets their 2 to 1 statistic from but I don’t think its true.

Saikat Basu

Statistics probably. And like all statistics, it conceals more than it reveals :)


there are lies, there are damn lies and there are statistics

Ian Dunn

I tried it with my own queries and Google won 5-0. There were one or two where it was almost a draw, and several where Google was clearly more relevant.

John Stokes

Does it count that all my searches were Google have pic to show it off, I am a true google fan…


I saw this in spam mail so I tried it. Whenever Google wins, the browser freezes up preventing winning results from being shown. Pretty low and stupid.

Timothy Liem

like once Smoked by WP7 or something, Google wins over and over again.


This is totally unfair all the time i pick Google every time and never bing but even when i pick Google it’s unfair bcuz it says bing is better blah blah blah it stupid google will always be better

Nelson Arviso

I think http://www.formvote.com is the network for you guys to check out


Hmm… I took the test three time. Google 3-2, Google 5-0, and Google 4-1. It asked for rematches every time. Then I purposely chose Bing and it didn’t want a rematch. This is a piece of complete bullshit. I looked it up when I first saw the commericial, and it didn’t say Bing won- It said Google won. Talk about liars.

Saikat Basu

In the end it seems like a marketing gimmick, just to get our attention.


Especially when in the commercial you saw prizes. That was probably a bribe from bing to the strangers.


I typed in a math formula and one of the results didn’t have an answer. So I chose the one with the answer. Strangely enough, it was bing. But then not even five minutes later searched the exact same question on actual Google and the Google calculator came up, with the correct answer. It seems they blocked Google calculator from Bing it on. That seems very suspicious to me.
Also, google is the only site that gives you pdf files and other such files when you type in filetype:pdf in the search bar. Only pdf files show up, whereas bing doesn’t. Google is so much better for such searches.


Google automatically wins. I searched up things like Cardiovascular surgeon and all i found from bing was jobs. They never have accurate results for me. Especially political references. I wanted to know the average american who is a democrat then i said average american who is a republican. All I received was the history and Mitt Romney. Google wins with the more detailed and accurate results.


I did a little test on Bing it on and I picked the page with more pictures and details to my search. Bing won. Then I tried this from a different approach. I purposely pick the worst of the 2 choices and google won, but bing came back for a rematch. So I purposely chose the worst of the 2 and bing won? I found that to be very suspicious?
Try it and see what happens for you.


The point of this “competition” was to compare Bing and Google and see which one ppl prefer the most through a blind “taste test” of the two search engines. However, I took the test and studied the test, and found out that it is not a true blind test. I tested it many times and found out that I could make google or bing win when I take the test.
It’s as simple as the color of font being different on the two search engines. Google uses a darker blue font than Bing. Whether this test was run by a third party or not, it would have been a test of no credibility anyway.


I noticed that the size of the fonts are slightly different, with the Bing font being slightly easier on the eyes… probably in an attempt to skew the results.

Bobbin Threadbare

I’d say it’s more like Coca-Cola and RC Cola than Coca-Cola and Pepsi.


When I did the competition the first time, I chose Google and I gave my own searches. Yet, when I did it again and chose the suggested searches, I chose Bing 3-2. It seems that Bing has flowered these searches with bigger images and extra sub hyperlinks under searches to draw attention. Google is still my preferred search engine.


every time you vote is bing because its rigged

Rita Ponessa

I just took the ‘test’ and actually thought I was choosing bing. I chose google 4 to 5. Was asked for a rematch but the first one only confirmed what I determined when bing first came on the scene. For me Google seems to give better results.


I even went to google on the first one to see which one was google, it still said it was Bing in the end.

Ian Emory

I picked google 4-1. Not really surprised.


I’ve taken the test 4 times and every time I click the last search results, the program freezes. I take this to mean that Google won and they don’t want me to know.

What a scam.