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Before you watch the night of razzmatazz, it might be entertaining to go and visit Bing’s dedicated website for the upcoming Academy Awards. Now, Bing has shaken hands with The Hollywood Reporter to create the ultimate “Oscars resource guide“. The Bing powered website showcases the nominees for the 2014 Academy Awards with celebrity bios, photos,and news. All categories are covered with a dropdown.

Bing & Hollywood Reporter

Each nominee is covered with a trailer from their movie, a brief description, links to the film page on The Hollywood Reporter and its review page. Dive into all the Web has to offer with a bright yellow “Search on Bing” button. The navigation menu takes you to more interactive resources like Oscar predictions, videos, and the well-illustrated photo galleries. The fun feature is the Oscar Ballot where you get to pick your choices and test the luck of the draw to win a Microsoft Surface 2 (what else!). Bing will use the crowdsourced data to predict the winners for 2014.

Will the Bing Search data take the popular opinion and match the way the Academy votes? For now, test you instincts and be a part of the Oscars race on this well-designed Bing website.

Source: Bing Blog via Search Engine Journal| Image Credit: Prayitno via Flickr

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