Bing Maps Adds 270 Terabytes Of Bird’s Eye Imagery And Venue Maps Of Landmark Locations [Updates]

bing icon 3004   Bing Maps Adds 270 Terabytes Of Birds Eye Imagery And Venue Maps Of Landmark Locations [Updates]Bing Maps made three key changes in a single sweep that’s sure to make even die-hard Google Maps users take a second look. Bing updated its maps with the largest collection of “Bird’s Eye Imagery” locations; new detailed “Venue Maps”; and a “Report a Problem” feature to gather feedback from its users.

The biggest update is reserved for the whooping addition of 270 terabytes of fly-over imagery to Bing Maps’ “Bird’s Eye”. Just to give you some perspective to the amount of data collated by Bing, 270 terabytes is approximately equal to 100,000 DVDs.

The high-resolution images are eye-catching and you can take a virtual tour to some spots around the world from Hawaii to Melbourne. Bing says that it has 1,452,948 sq. km of the globe covered with its high-resolution imagery.

bing map birds imagery   Bing Maps Adds 270 Terabytes Of Birds Eye Imagery And Venue Maps Of Landmark Locations [Updates]

Venue Maps cover the internal layout of landmark buildings around the world. Bing has scaled up its collection of venue maps to cover 4,700 locations in 59 countries. Included are malls, airports, and amusement parks, among other venues. You can explore all the floors of a venue and also see a directory listing of points of interest by clicking on the marked areas. The venue maps also color-highlight specific points of interest on the maps. For instance, green shading indicates restaurants, while stores appear purple.

Bing is also looking at user feedback to correct any discrepancy in the venue maps. A new “Report a problem” link allows users to walk through a few choices and give a more accurate picture of a location. A user can report if a location is currently empty, or there is a new venue in the existing location, or enter comments to identify more specific issues.

Bings Maps is trying to come up in the map game. What do you think about these changes?

Source: Bing Blog

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Fred Kimns

Very good. I have no use for Google anymore. I completely switched over to Microsoft services.