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Bing Search just got a big improvement with the introduction of seven new autosuggest categories. The seven new categories to help you complete your search queries cover brands, movies, albums, places, software, sport teams, animal species and more. The new categories arrive on top of the already existing People Autosuggest which was introduced in May. The autosuggest cues are powered by an underlying technology Microsoft calls Satori. The search algorithm allows the search engine to “recognize” and make distinctions between the different meanings derived from a single keyword.

Bing explains it with an example of the search term “pitbull”. Bing doesn’t know whether you are searching for the artist (a person) or the dog (a breed). To speed up your search, Bing will show you a list of autosuggestions as a hint for possible searches and also display thumbnails for both the dog breed and the person. You can use the autosuggestions to narrow down to a specific search. All that’s left for you to is click through the search you want. The Satori engine is speedy; it serves up the results in milliseconds.

Bing Autosuggest

With the Satori technology, Bing attempts to understand the relationships between search entities and tries to give you the appropriate results. Improving the way we search is a constant endeavor for both Bing and Google, so expect more changes in the coming months. Bing is getting better and better, so you can expect it to be a counterpoint to Google Knowledge Graph. Try out a few Bing autosuggest aided searches and tell us if it’s holding its ground against its main rival.

Source: Bing Blog

Image Credit: Word restaurant via Shutterstock


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