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bing.jpgWith all eyes on Groupon, it seems the latest fad is making it easier for people to find deals. So it’s no surprise that Microsoft has decided to launch their very own service, Bing Deals. Announced on the Bing Blog, US residents can log onto the site and find special offers in their area.

With offers in over 14,000 cities and towns throughout the US, Bing has created an aggregator that pulls in deals from Groupon, Living Social and more. There’s no denying the power of a good aggregator, and who wouldn’t want a service that collects the best deals from all over the net and hands them over to you in a tiny package?

Bing partnered with Dealmap to launch the service, which can be accessed from your desktop, or on the go using the mobile site. Don’t be surprised if you fire up Bing and don’t find a link to Bing Deals. Desktop access is slowly being rolled out to users over the coming weeks, so for now if you want to get in on the deals, you have to log on using your iPhone or Android phone  – all other mobile OSes are out of luck as it only works on those two.

Special deals on Bing’s aggregator include offers at local restaurants, spas, stores and more. Just type in a keyword for what you want to save money on, and the site will let you know about all of the latest deals in your area. Once you’ve found a deal you’re interested in, you can either save it, share it via email, or if you don’t want to waste any time, head over to the site it came from and claim your coupon.

Find out more about Bing Deals from their video below:


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