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Bing have just released some exciting new features for their iPhone app, including new Metro-style tiles and multiple searches.

Let’s give you a rundown on what’s new to play with. The biggest visible change is that you can see very clearly what is currently trending with the big Microsoft-style tiles. Just tap on a tile to be taken to the search results. You can also be taken to the other trends, the news, and more images, just by tapping the appropriate tiles.

Bing for iPhone Gets Some New Features For You To Fiddle With 2014 02 26 15

A really cool new feature is that you can run multiple searches, and still keep the original results. All of the searches are stored on the Recent page, and you can swipe the ones you don’t need off the screen.

Bing for iPhone Gets Some New Features For You To Fiddle With bingsearches 333x500

Next we come to the widget. This can be switched off if it annoys you, but if not a yellow circle with a plus sign will sit at the bottom left of your screen, regardless of which screen you are on. Tapping that gives you four options – return to the homepage, do a voice search, do a text search, or see your recent searches.

Bing for iPhone Gets Some New Features For You To Fiddle With bingwidget 333x500

There are two more important features you should be aware of. The first one is that you can now shake your phone and Bing will automatically take you to a random trending story. Shake the phone again, and be taken to another one. Much fun and hilarity ensues.

The final feature is that you can copy web addresses and/or open sites in the Safari browser. For those who use Chrome, Opera, or Dolphin, this is sure to tick you off. Just when you thought Bing was perfect.

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  1. Stephanie E
    March 1, 2014 at 7:02 am

    I think I will try this. Chrome keeps crashing on my iPhone.