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You can’t fault Bing for feeling like a runner behind Usain Bolt. But even second place is good enough when you go up against a behemoth like Google. You also can’t fault Bing for not shooting an occasional salvo across Google’s bow and making people take a second look.

For instance, did you know that you can use Bing as a bookmarking tool to save your favorite images and videos? Yes, you can use Bing like a personal pin board to save search results for images, videos, shopping, and places.

How to Save Bing Search Results

Bing Search allows you to sign in and use the save feature on desktop and mobile searches. This allows you to get back to your saves from any device, anywhere. The process takes just a single click.

1. Use Bing Image Search with your keyword.

2. Use the little “+” icon to select and save the images (or videos) you want.


3. You can also create Groups (they are like collections) for your images and organize each image in the right one.

4. View all your saves on the My saves page anytime.

Bing allows you to drill down into a search and go deep with the right search operators. Most of them work like Google’s own. Use advanced search operators 3 Unique Bing Search Operators You Will Definitely Love 3 Unique Bing Search Operators You Will Definitely Love Read More to remove irrelevant results before you click on the save button.

There’s a Lot to Like About Bing

For instance, try Bing’s Image of the Day Bing's Best Feature Just Got Even Better Bing's Best Feature Just Got Even Better There's one awesome feature that Bing offers over its competitors, and this feature just got better. Read More to learn more about the world.

Like Pinterest, your saves on Bing could be used to build a knowledge board around a skill you are trying to learn. As you might have guessed from the screenshots above, I am trying to get better at 50mm photography. Delay a purchase urge — save the image here and check back later to see if it goes away. If it doesn’t, grab your credit card and go shop!

Do you use Bing at least as a secondary search engine? Is the Save feature useful, or do you have another place to stash away your saved searches?

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