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Now, get the latest information on your fingertips as Bing releases customizable apps for news, sports, weather and finance for Windows Phone 8. The Windows phone versions follow in the wake of their desktop counterparts which were launched last year. All four apps can be customized by the user to reflect their personal interests and the kind of information they want to track. The Bing apps are available for download from the App Store, and you can browse to the download locations by following the links given in the blog announcement.

All four apps can be deftly personalized. For the Bing News app, international and national news sources like Associated Press, Reuters, Gizmodo and The Guardian have been tapped. Users can tweak the view to see only the stories, categories and topics they are interested in. Preferred content can be placed front and center. The app also uses the Live Tiles to display the handpicked content for a quick view.

Bing Apps

On the Sports app, users can track specific teams in soccer, football, baseball, cricket, racing, tennis, hockey and basketball. The app color theme changes in response to the sport – “green turf for NFL, brown dirt for MLB, grey asphalt for Formula 1 racing” – a nice touch. The app presents the gamut of results, news, statistics, photos, and videos.

Weather follows the dynamic route with updates on a Live Tile. Cities and regions get dynamic maps, and the user gets detailed information on temperature, precipitation, cloud cover and radar among other things. Users can follow specific stocks on Live Tiles and follow their performance with stock statistics and company news. Financial updates come from Bloomberg, CNBC and Fox Business.

The four Bing apps for the Windows Phone 8 are comprehensive. Have you downloaded them yet?


Source: Bing

Image Credits: Nokia Phone Via PlaceIt

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