Bing Adds Pinterest Integration, Letting You Pin Images Directly From Search Results [Updates]

bing icon 3004   Bing Adds Pinterest Integration, Letting You Pin Images Directly From Search Results [Updates] The Bing vs. Google race has just become tighter with the launch of Bing’s new Pinterest integration. The new feature adds a handy “Pin it” button to every image result on Bing, making it possible to pin it to your Pinterest boards without needing to go to the actual website, or even open the full-size version of the image.

With this new feature, Microsoft aims to make Pinterest pinning as effortless as possible: not bookmarklets, no extra clicks. Simply find the image you want, pin it directly from the search results, and Bing will automatically include the right links and attributions to the original, high-resolution source, without you needing to look for it yourself.

Last fall, we hosted a group of lifestyle and design bloggers at the Bing headquarters to better understand their search and social media habits“, says Microsoft about the birth of Pinterest integration, “What we discovered is a community that does more than its fair share of image searches, with much of it tied to Pinterest.”

pinterest image bing   Bing Adds Pinterest Integration, Letting You Pin Images Directly From Search Results [Updates]

To take advantage of the new Pinterest integration, Bing search has to be set to United States. This is easy to do through the cog icon on the top right corner. After clicking the cog, scroll down to “Location”, and click on “change your country/region”. Choose “United States” from the list, and you’re all set. Next time you search for images on Bing, you’ll find the “Pin it” button below the image for quick pinning.

Bing’s Image search has been playing catch-up to Google for quite a while, and now offers a slick interface that’s rather similar to Google’s new Image Search interface. You can filter your image search by color, type of image, layout, and people (how people appear in the images), but not by size or even time – a feature which was only recently added to Bing search and is only available in regular search at this time.

Is this a useful integration? Will it be enough to make you switch to Bing?

Source: Bing Blog

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Chris Marcoe

Being someone who doesn’t use Pinterest, this won’t convince me to start using Bing. though, I think I’ll show this to my wife who is a pinner.

John Farnan

Hey Chris
Please dont as that will just allow her to steal images all the more easily
As an image creator i object to pintheft and bing harvesting my images and not paying me my license fees.
Any site that pinned blockbuster movies would be taken down
my copyright is worth no less to me than the big movie companies is to them.

Pintheft is wholesale theft of images plain and simple

Chris Marcoe

Not really sure people will support you when you call their spouses “moronic”.

Just sayin’…


I would far prefer Bing to focus on core feature parity with Google than messing around with these frills. Outside the US, many Bing users can’t narrow by date, limit search results to their region or read aggregated news. If even Win 8 / Win Phone users won’t use Bing then it shows they have a lot of really basic stuff to get right first.

Anna Lynn Sanders

Nice try Bing

John Farnan

so now users can steal my image directly from bing
will bing pay my license fee for the use?
Doubt it this should be reported to FACT

John Farnan

Well maybe not FACT as they only protect video
but this is disgusting and a sad day for all users of the internet
Moronic pinterest users can now just moronically pin images and not pay the IP holder any license fees…

Chris Marcoe

So, you put your images on the web…Not on a secure site, and people see them, like them, and give you free advertising. And they are moronic? The disconnect here seems to be: You want your images protected but you put them on the web, unsecure. Am I missing something?

Yaara Lancet

If you’re trying to sell images on the Web, why not watermark them like the big stock photos websites do?

This is the Web, after all. You can’t expect people to find perfectly good images and ignore them. They may not even know you’re trying to sell them. Besides, Pinterest links back to your site, so my guess is it will provide traffic, if lots of people pin your images.

Anyway, watermarks should do the trick here, I think.

suneo nobi

Totally agree with you! Pinterest provides the back links to the image pinned on it which can link to the site the image was hosted on.Many pinners ,if interested could get a link to your page/site. In fact it increases the traffic to your site. One can use Pinterest to promote his site/page/blogs…………….

Rafa E

I’m start to seriously consider use more often Bing, and this new option is one more reason to do so.

suneo nobi