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People who work with teams online know too well that they won’t get their projects done without collaboration tools. Sure, you can rely on your e-mail, online docs, and calendars to synchronize tasks, but true online project collaboration involves the integration of the most basic productivity requirements packaged into a useful and effective app. Binfire looks to be one of a handful of online project collaboration app that have the complete package in a tight-knit interface.


Binfire’s collection of features includes group chat, whiteboards, checklist with task assignments and deadlines, GANTT charts, exporting notes to PDF, activity status and file sharing. Like most project collaboration tools, Binfire is centered around the checklist, where team members can comment on each task, set a deadline, establish dependencies, assign responsibility, and type-in tags.


The bottom bar of the project dashboard will show team members who are online. You can either talk to the group, or click on a name to chat with them individually. I was also glad to find out that the app follows a traditional folder structure when storing files, making it easier for the user to navigate through a large number of files, rather than rely on search or go to each project to find the file I want.


Binfire may not be as slick-looking as other project collab tools, but it offers everything you need to organize a team. A free account is available for you to try out, giving you two projects, five users for each project and 2GB storage. Paid plans include the Basic, Pro, Biz, allowing you to select a plan that you need based on your number of projects and size of your team.


  • Free and paid plans available
  • Chat with the team
  • Whiteboard with Canvas features
  • Comment on everything
  • Advanced checklist and milestones
  • Track activity done on a project
  • GANTT charts
  • Highlight to pdf files
  • Report status
  • Share files

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