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There are many occasions when you would want to block access to a website. It might be a time-waster, it might contain malware or it might be simply inappropriate for your kids. BinarySwitchEclipse is a lightweight utility that lets you block multiple websites, irrespective of the browser.

After you install the software, just add the list of websites you want to block. Then whenever you try to access these websites, you will get a ‘website cannot be found’ page and a little balloon notifier telling you that BinarySwitchEclipse blocked this site. To unblock, you just need to open the tool again and enter a captcha-like verification code to prove you are human. You may need to restart any already opened browsers for the settings to apply.


  • Block access to distracting or inappropriate websites.
  • Automatically applies to all browsers.
  • Add as many websites as you want.

Download BinarySwitchEclipse from BinarySwitch


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