Bin Laden Scam Video Sweeps Facebook [News]

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An Osama Bin Laden scam video has spread rapidly through Facebook recently, with scammers targetting users with javascript enabled. Facebook users who are keen to view a video of Osama’s execution are tricked into executing a small Javascript.

This scam differentiates itself from other JavaScript scams on Facebook by actually asking users to cut and paste the Javascript into the URL bar.

The link to the supposed video is titled “Special Forces hit squad put a bullet in the head of Bin Laden!” and uses a shortened link to redirect. When clicked, users are asked to cut and paste the JavaScript in order to see the video. The video is never shown, but the Javascript automatically pastes a link on to the user’s wall.

So far, there’s been nothing malicious executed in the code — All it does is propagate the scam links. But that’s not to say it will stay that way.

Using JavaScript propagation on Facebook to post scam links to the user’s wall and therefore spread the scam to the user’s friends is nothing new. But actually asking users to cut and paste the JavaScript is a little unexpected. It’s something experienced internet users would be unlikely to fall for. However, many people are doing so in droves. The drive to see certain things, such as who viewed your profile, has resulted in many Facebook users falling for scams.

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There’s a similar one that does the same thing automatically. I saw the link a friend posted, which was obviously a scam, but out of curiosity I click it anyway. It brought me to a Facebook page and wanted me to click another link. I popped open Firebug and it was some inline javascript that injected another script. The other script sent the link and message through Facebook chat to all friends that are online (plus more, but I didn’t want to mess with un-obfuscating the rest of the JS)

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