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Often when friends go out, somebody ends up paying more than the rest because they have more cash at hand than the others. But this means that the others owe them money – something that is often forgotten. Here to help keep a track of that owed money is a phone app called BillPin.

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BillPin is a free to use smart device application that has versions for Android and iOS smart devices. The iOS app is sized at nearly 13 MB and requires iOS version 5.0 or later on your iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad device; the Android version is sized at nearly 4 MB and it requires your device to be running Android 4.0 or later.

The application helps out people who are not good at splitting the bill when they go out with friends. In addition to that, the app helps keep track of the friends whom you owe money and who owe money to you.


You start using the application by signing in through your Facebook account. You can quickly open the application and enter the amount of the expense and its nature i.e. the figure and description. You can specify who amongst the bill is shared and the splitting can be done evenly or according to shares. A summary of the money you owe and the money owed to you can be instantly seen on the application’s Dashboard.


Watch video intro:


  • A user friendly smart device application.
  • Comes in versions for iOS and Android devices.
  • Lets you share bills amongst yourself and friends.
  • Can split evenly or according to shares.
  • Instantly shows you the money friends owe you and the money you owe to them.
  • Similar: Expense Splitter, TravelStormerTabSplitToshl and BillsAreIn.

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