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Mostly because of financial problems, there are times when you cannot make the payment of a particular bill. If you miss the due date even by a single day, you could end up paying a heavy fine on the bill. To avoid those fines and other undesirable consequences, you should use the services of BillFloat.

pay your bills on time

BillFloat is a web service that settles your bills for you. The service will pay the bill amount on the date you specify. Then at a later date you will pay BillFloat a slightly higher amount than the original bill. This way you avoid any fines caused by late bill payments.

You start using the site by typing in your bill type. Then you enter your bill’s amount and payment date. BillFloat will evaluate the figures and if the payment is possible, it will proceed. Next you enter your bank’s routing number and account details. On the date you specify after the bill’s payment, BillFloat will extract the slightly higher amount directly from your bank account.

pay your bills on time


  • Helps you avoid problems caused by late bill payments.
  • Supports a number of bill types and companies.
  • Extracts money directly from your bank account.
  • Gives you up to 30 days after the bill’s payment date for the new amount’s payment.
  • Your information is kept securely within BillFloat; the site also has insurance against any type of data theft.
  • Similar tools: Billeo and BillsAreIn.

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