Billeo : Organize and Track Bills Online

Billeo is a web based application to help you manage, organize, pay and track your bills (and receipts) online. Billeo comes with a browser toolbar which is basically a bridge between your Billeo account and the browser. By using Billeo toolbar, a whole process of going to the company’s website, paying the bill and saving the receipt can be reduced to a couple of clicks.

billeo   Billeo : Organize and Track Bills Online

Billeo Features

  • Organize and pay bills right from the browser toolbar (Firefox, Internet Explorer).
  • Schedule reminders for upcoming bills.
  • View reports and visualize your spending habits (graphs).
  • Compare your utility (or other) bills with others in your area.
  • Store a copy of all receipts and payment confirmations.
  • Billeo Password Assistant: Secure password manager and form auto-filler.
  • Billeo Shopping Assistant: Auto-fill billing, name, and address details. Store and Manage online payment receipts.
  • Want to learn more? Check out Billeo FAQ page OR go to demo tour section.
      Note from CNET Billeo Review:

Though the information is stored on your computer with AES 128-bit encryption, some personal information is transferred to the publisher of this application. Novices to advanced users looking for an autofilling tool with all-in-one bill-pay reminders may find this freeware useful.

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