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Getting a strong grip on your finances is essential if you hope to fulfill any financial goals. But normally because of mismanagement and forgetting things, our finances are in a mess that is difficult to disentangle. Here to help you with the situation is a free to use web service called BillBaba.

debt reminders

BillBaba helps you at different fronts of your finances. Firstly it helps you set up reminders for payments. These reminders can be delivered to you via email, phone, and Facebook. The information of bills and their payments can all be recorded online to note where your money went. Your spending is then analyzed through graphs and you can immediately spot which areas you are overspending in.

You can also keep a track of money owed to you by friends; the site then automatically sends them reminders in case you forget. Finally the Financial Goals section helps keep a track of your goals and dedicate savings to them.


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