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Spreadsheet programs like Excel require you to format the cells before you can start creating your invoice. This process of resizing the cells can become quite time consuming. Here to save you time while you create invoices is a web service called Billable.

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Billable is an extremely easy web service that lets you quickly create invoices. The site page already has an invoice displayed. All the necessary things on an invoice – company name, address, items list, email addresses, etc. – are already present. All you have to do is click on a field to start editing it; while you edit the field, its background becomes yellow. For the items, you only enter the names, quantity, and rate; the calculations of the total are automatically made. The percentage of added VAT can be modified; by default it is 14%.

printable invoices online

With your invoice creation complete, you can use buttons in the top left to print the invoice or download it as a PDF file.



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