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osmos androidAs the hardware in our mobile devices becomes increasingly more powerful while keeping or even improving efficiency, we can now expect some pretty spectacular games without a massive battery drain. Game ideas are also becoming very unique, and don’t have repeating themes.

It also seems that physics-based games are also some of the more popular titles available, most notably Angry Birds in all its forms. But if you don’t like the cartoonish look of Angry Birds but still enjoy all the physics, you may want to take a look at Osmos.

About Osmos

Osmos is a fairly simple game for Android and iOS devices with high-quality graphics in which you try to be the biggest life-form by eating up smaller ones before the bigger ones get you first. The goal of the game is straightforward, but as the levels introduce you to new scenarios and becoming increasingly harder, that simple task may be not as easy as you think.


osmos android
When you start the game, you’ll only really have one option: Odyssey. This is the main track of the game, where you have to beat increasingly difficult levels to become the biggest life-form of them all. The other possible option, Arcade, doesn’t unlock itself until you’ve completed enough levels in Odyssey. In Arcade mode, you can play whichever type of level you’d like, as well as your choice of difficulty.


osmos android review
When you select Odyssey, you’ll be given a small tutorial on how to maneuver in the game, which will only take about 2 minutes.

osmos android review
Once you complete it, you’ll be on your way to the first few levels. While playing, one must try to swallow up the smaller life-forms (which are in blue) while avoiding those that are bigger than you (while are in red). The overall rule in the game is that the biggest life-form will eat up anything smaller than itself. By swallowing up smaller life-forms, you get bigger, which allows you to eat up life-forms that you may have been too small to swallow up before. Be cautious with moving around, however, as with each tap of acceleration you lose a small bit of yourself, essentially making yourself smaller.


If you tap a lot in order to reach a large life-form, you may have shrunk so much in the process that it’s now bigger than you! Not only must that be taken into account, but some level scenarios add even more physics complexity. For example, in the Solar scenario, you’ll be orbiting around a star, so propelling in some direction will change your orbit around that star, which will set you in the path of different life-forms. Also be sure not to fly off the map, or your life will be terminated.

Other Features

osmos android review
Besides the overall gameplay, you can also gain some achievements. These can usually be collected by completing all the levels of a certain scenario.

osmos android
There are also a few settings you can configure, although it’s just volume and anonymous statistics.


Installation is easy as always. Simply search for “osmos” in your respective app store, or click here for Android or here for iOS devices. The app is paid, however, and costs $2.99 for each platform.


Osmos is an extremely fun game to play, and it’s also pretty challenging to the mind. The graphics are also very pleasant to the eyes, and any nearby kids would probably enjoy it as well after learning the mechanics of the game. If you need something to keep you busy for a good while, give Osmos a shot!

What’s your favorite physics game? What do you enjoy the most about it? Let us know in the comments!

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