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If your business has grown and acquire a large number of customers then Excel and other similar basic program might not be the best tool for managing your customers and their information. On the other hand your business might not have reached the stage that it requires a massive CRM solution like Salesforce. If this is the case then you will find BigContacts to be most helpful.

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BigContacts is a wonderful web-based CRM solution that helps growing businesses manage their clients and their information. Along with constant support for the interface, the site lets you add unlimited contacts; access the accounts via your phone; integrate an email account to have BigContacts capture the messages; and monitor and track your sales. Contacts can be adding manually or imported from a file; each contact can be assigned an industry and tags which can later be used to filter contacts. Additionally you are provided with a calendar, a task scheduler, file manager, reporting features, mass-email marketing, and automatic marketing. This impressive set of features is surprisingly only part of what BigContacts has to offer. The site’s services begin from $6 per user per month but a 30 day trial lets you extensively explore the service before opting for any premium packages.


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