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Last week we asked you Do You Like Our Weekly Movers & Shakers Posts? [Poll] Do You Like Our Weekly Movers & Shakers Posts? [Poll] Read More if you like our weekly Movers & Shakers posts.

40% of you responded that you read it every week and it has helped you find cool new free applications.  22% of you said that you read it occasionally and think it should stay. Then 20% said that you never read it. 13% said that it sucks and you hate it.

You can see the full list below and we are waiting to hear back on if the feature will be killed off or not.


This weeks poll is how big is your USB memory stick? Almost everyone I know carries around a memory stick in their pocket, bag and some of them keep them around their necks.


Up until recently I had a 1GB memory stick crammed with all sorts of wonderful portable goodness into it. But I never had room for the documents, music or other stuff that I wanted to carry with me. So now I have dropped $14 on a 16GB memory stick and $11 for a 8GB memory stick for my Wii. Now I carry around this 16GB stick which fits on all my portable applications as well as all my documents and files that I might need.

So we are wondering – if you carry a USB memory stick with you – how big is it? Let us know below and as always drop a comment to let us know what you carry on your stick.

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