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Mobile devices come in all different shapes and sizes. Actually, they’re almost always rectangular, but the sizes range from smallish smartphones, through fantastic phablets Fabulous Phablets: The 5 Best Big-Screen Smartphones You Can Buy Fabulous Phablets: The 5 Best Big-Screen Smartphones You Can Buy If you're going to buy a big-screen phone now, and by that, we mean something that's larger than a 5.5-inch screen and smaller than a 7-inch tablet, these are your best options. Read More , all the way up to gigantic tablets.

This week’s MakeUseOf Poll sees us discussing size. As in the size of your main mobile device, obviously. Get your minds out of the gutter immediately.

PC Gaming FTW!

To answer this week’s question please scroll down the page until you see the poll staring back at you. But first, we need to look at the results from last week, when we asked, “Which Games Console Do You Currently Own? Which Games Console Do You Currently Own? [MakeUseOf Poll] Which Games Console Do You Currently Own? [MakeUseOf Poll] If you are a gamer, then it's time to stand up for your platform of choice by telling us which console you currently own and why you chose it over the competition. Read More

Out of a total of 367 votes, 6.3% chose PlayStation 4, 3.5% chose Xbox One, 4.1% chose Wii U, 17.7% chose PlayStation 3, 17.2% chose Xbox 360, 8.5% chose Wii, 7.4% chose An Older Console, and 35% declared themselves PC Gamers.

PC gaming Switching From Console To PC Gaming: 8 Big Differences Explained Switching From Console To PC Gaming: 8 Big Differences Explained PCs and consoles may be closer than ever -- after all, the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are basically just gaming PCs -- but there are still huge differences. Read More clearly won out overall, but that doesn’t tell the full story. If we add all the other numbers up then there are many more console gamers reading this than PC gamers. It’s just that the console gaming market is so fragmented thanks to having a variety of hardware to choose from.

In terms of the new consoles fresh onto the market, the PlayStation 4 leads the way, with the Xbox One gaining almost half the number of votes. The Wii U is surprisingly popular amongst the MakeUseOf readership; the Nintendo console sitting comfortably between the offerings from Sony and Microsoft.



Comment Of The Week

We received a lot of great comments, including those from likefunbutnot, Peter F, and Victor O. Comment Of The Week goes to Ben B, who won with this comment Which Games Console Do You Currently Own? [MakeUseOf Poll] Which Games Console Do You Currently Own? [MakeUseOf Poll] If you are a gamer, then it's time to stand up for your platform of choice by telling us which console you currently own and why you chose it over the competition. Read More :

I’m a true PC gamer for several reasons. Firstly graphics! There is no denying it that they are better on PC. Higher resolution, higher res textures, more settings to play with ;-) and a higher FPS. Secondly, sound. There is so much hardware and software out there for PC that makes your sound experience the best it can be, whether that’s a surround sound headset or 5.1 speakers (I have both :-P). Next there are the games themselves. With a console sometimes your limited to the games you can get, they are either released for your console or they are not. With a PC they are almost always released on PC whether that’s at launch or ported later on, although there are always exceptions, Nintendo for example. Also old games don’t always work on the latest console. On PC they live on with the help of an emulator. There is also a massive range of games available as well as Free To Plays thanks to game distribution software like Steam and Desura. Also we get amazing sales from Steam and companies like Green Man Gaming. Next we have inputs. PC has every controller that consoles use as well as thousands of more custom ones like flight controllers etc. Now for multiplayer. PC can do LAN, Local and online with often a much wider selection of servers and Mods (I’m not going into any more detail about Mods but they are self explanatory). Also when game spy decides to stop hosting servers often the community steps in. Consoles cant do that! Finally there is cost. Games are often cheaper or you can wait for them to be on a massive discount. Also PC’s may often in the end cost more but you can start out with a little investment of £200-£300 instead of £400 straight out and then build up to an awesome build! So PC master race for the win!

We chose this comment because it perfectly and passionately sums up why this commenter is a PC gamer rather than a console gamer. Which console gamers will probably find fascinating. We certainly found it so.

We Admit It… Size Does Matter

The majority of people reading this are likely to own at least one mobile device, and most will probably own more than one. But what size is the mobile device you use most regularly?

We want to see whether smartphones, phablets, or tablets now rule the mobile roost. And also what size the majority of you opted for when faced with buying an intelligent mobile device. Smart means intelligent, doesn’t it?!

Please use the poll above to indicate what size your main mobile device is, and then take to the comments section below to tell us a) why you prefer that size of device over the bigger and/or smaller options available, and b) what particular make and model of smartphone, phablet, or tablet you own.

Remember, there’s an awesome T-shirt in it for the person responsible for the coveted Comment Of The Week.

Image Credit: Nigel Goldsmith via Flickr

  1. Jin V
    August 6, 2014 at 10:03 am

    I am talking only about Phone devices. Not Tablets.. I guess 90% people's hands can't use a phone which is above 5".. most of us need two of our hands to use big phones.. well, that's not so smart after all.. its dumb.. using a smartphone in a dumber way!!! I think we need to choose a phone that fits rightly in your hands.. its a thumb rule.. Hold the phone and try to touch the highest point of the screen with your thumb.. well.. that's your size.. may be a couple of centimeters bigger screen wont be problem.. couple of inches will definitely be a problem for a single hand use. I could touch the top of a 4'' screen phone, slide down the notification bar without difficulty.. So, I chose S4 Mini 4.3" screen, which is right in my hand. But I felt the same about Moto X 4.7" screen.. Dimensions of the entire phone matters a lot.. not just screen size..

  2. Angi G.
    June 25, 2014 at 4:59 pm

    Throughout the years, I've tried many different phones and tablets and different combinations of those to find that all I really needed was a phone with a screen big enough to read my books and play simple games/apps. I am quite happy with what I've settled with: a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 with a 5 1/2" screen that I purchased used on Ebay for a whopping $162.50! I, of course, bought Ebay's extra protection in case anything goes wrong with it in the next year, but when it arrived, I could tell that it was barely used. It's nice to be able to have my device fit into a pocket, and not overload my purse when I don't have a pocket. I also love all the different cases I have found that I can change to color-coordinate with my outfits. I've also been making some really cute jack-plugs to match my cases. But the best thing about my Note2 is that it's running Android Kitkat 4.4.2 since my carrier is on the ball about keeping up with the updates! All-in-all, I wouldn't trade my Note2 for anything...right now. ;)

  3. 01101001b
    June 24, 2014 at 7:41 pm

    Samsung Galaxy Note 2 here :-)

  4. Alan W
    June 24, 2014 at 1:55 pm

    We, me and my wife that is, have HTC One mobile phones and a Galaxy Tab 3. On Sunday the 22nd of June my wife said to me " I think I will buy an eBook". Why? I retorted, as she knew I was buying one for her birthday which is 29th September. Well she said, "If I wait until my birthday then I will have to go the whole summer without one". She has a Galaxy Tab, read one on that!! But no, had to have it right away. Its not the money rather than the feeling of being conned into buying a Sony T3 now knowing come September I will have to buy something else. The part that made me smile was when she said "I can have 12,000 books on this". I mean come on! Who in hell is going to read 12,000 books? One thing is for sure, it isnt going to be the wife!

  5. Ben S
    June 23, 2014 at 8:59 pm

    My Nexus 5 is awesome, and it's about as big as I'd want to go. Any bigger and it would feel uncomfortable in my pocket. I don't get how people can carry phablets in day-to-day use.

  6. wewe
    June 23, 2014 at 6:52 pm

    Samsung Focus is 4 inches long.

  7. Vipul J
    June 23, 2014 at 3:21 pm

    I currently use a Samsung Galaxy S2.
    At 4.3' it's the best screen size I can ask for.
    The primary condition for my main device is single handed use. I should be able to get to the extreme left letter on the keyboard, swipe the notification bar, increase the volume and lock the screen all without involving my other hand.
    So in the near future if and when I upgrade, I'll most definitely stick to this screen size or at max 4.5' (I say 'if' because, a dual core is quite sufficing all my needs for now, maybe I'd need a quad core later, but I cannot imagine why I'd need anything more than that, ever!)

    It fits in the hand perfectly, in the pocket easily, large enough for seamless typing as well as video playing!
    I don't like the idea of buying a device that can work as both a tablet & phone (i.e. the current breed of phones flooding the market with 5'+ screens). In fact quite honestly anyone I see talking on one of these 'phablet' devices, looks like he his rubbing his device against his entire face! XD

  8. anonymous
    June 23, 2014 at 2:52 pm

    I haz an Ipad 2

  9. likefunbutnot
    June 23, 2014 at 11:50 am

    I own too many devices to call one of them my "main" device. Right now my 5" phone and my 8.9" tablet go everywhere with me, but I use a number of (usually 10") Android and Windows tablets for work and I have several others around my house.

    I have my devices set up so that I can respond to SMS messages and make voice calls on (almost) anything I have, so that I don't have to rely on any one specific device for those things.

  10. android underground
    June 23, 2014 at 8:29 am

    Galaxy S4 mini, 4.3".

    The bezel around the screen is slightly too big, especially at the bottom. I have to stretch my thumb all the way to reach the top left corner.

    And Google made the incredibly stupid mistake of replacing the menu button with overflow buttons on top of the screen...

    Ergonomics 101: buttons and other controls should be at the BOTTOM of the screen. They're easier to reach there, and your hand doesn't cover the content when you reach for the button. The top of the screen is for content, not fingers!

  11. Jon
    June 23, 2014 at 5:59 am

    I'm still using my iPhone 4, and am very happy with its size and resolution. In fact, I'm a bit dreading the upgrade to the next version which will inevitably have a larger screen. I like to put mine in my shirt pocket, so larger is not better for me. Plus, I like being able to navigate the entire screen with one hand. Sure my eyesight isn't what it used to be, but to me the tradeoffs of a larger screen do not counteract the loss of pocketability and portability. I was a user of the Newton back in the Day, and then Palms and Treos. All of those had to be slung from the hip or have some sort of case and carrier. I found the greatest freedom when the iPhone came out. Everything larger is, IMO a step backwards to the bad old days of hip holsters, belt clips and all that yuck. Why? Because people feel that somehow bigger is better? I'll trade you my Newton 2100 with it's RipOff case for your iPhone if you want bigger... ;-)

    • likefunbutnot
      June 23, 2014 at 11:55 am

      Bigger is definitely better if you're using a phone-size device primarily as a screen for messaging and web-based applications, if only for the luxury of having more stuff on your screen at the same time. A 5" phone will continue to fit just fine in your pocket and you'll still be able to use it with one hand.

    • Jon
      June 23, 2014 at 2:07 pm

      lifefunbutnot. Except I've already tried the Nexus 4 and some larger Samsung phone, and both were too big for my tastes and my pockets. And both stretched my thumb and finger too far for me to be happy with using them every day. Even the iPhone 5 feels too tall for me, and sticks out more than I would like, but at least it's skinny enough to allow side-to-side coverage with one hand, even if I have to "creep" the phone up in my hand to reach the top. A phone is something that you want quick access to, and not to replace a laptop or tablet with. Most larger phones don't give you any more real resolution, just a larger view. The real reason most manufacturers went to larger screens was simply to fit in a bigger battery, but then they tout it as a "feature" and people buy into it, convincing themselves they are getting more somehow, but not really, just more phone--and this after demanding smaller and smaller phones for years... weird world we live in...

  12. pistachio
    June 23, 2014 at 4:15 am

    I have Nokia N9. Its 3.9 inches. I dont like to handle bigger phones. Its like my thumb has to walk an extra mile to reach all corners with 5 inches screens. So i'm perfectly happy with meego. And as secondary device, i use my Nokia N900. Which is 3.5 inches by display.

  13. Dmitriy T
    June 23, 2014 at 3:03 am

    Phone is always with me, so it's MAIN device - PDA, browsing, messaging, reading do not need larger screen.
    Thus my main device is Huawei Honor 2 - 4.5' screen, 2 Gb RAM. It was a hassle choosing phone year and a half back - as most of device on our (Russia) market were handicapped either in RAM (Samsung S3 with 1GB - WTF?!) or battery department .
    Honestly i wish there were something suitable in 4.2' range - 4.5 is not that wieldly for one-hand use :(

  14. Rajaa C
    June 23, 2014 at 2:12 am

    I use the entry level Nokia Lumia 520 with a 4" screen size as my main phone. Hailing from a developing country like India, buying a smartphone, and that too, usually on a limited budget for most common people, I too was no exception. Also, we cannot usually afford the notion of changing the smartphone we invested in, on a regular interval, as in developed countries. These factors drove my evaluation process before purchase, where at-least my investment should hold good for at-least minimum 3 years, if not more. With a budget of around US $160 equivalent a year back, my choice almost became a no brain er. I cannot dream an Apple at that price, and the android choices I was getting, had a lot to be desired in terms of performance (lag and hanging issues. The undisputed choice, with an overwhelming margin, was the brilliant Nokia Lumia 520 (at the given price point). When I started owning one, I was so pleasantly surprised with the zippy performance, the vivid colors and even the moderately great pictures and videos taken. One drive integration, MS Office mobile, simple wifi reverse tethering (pain in android), XBOX games, Nokia music and more such brilliant features, it simply stands tall among similar price point offerings from its competitor, specially android. Also the built quality is much better for a US $160. Today it is available at US $115 in India, and is practically a steal. A very satisfied customer one year down the line. Thank you Nokia and Microsoft. Lastly, I do not need the zillion apps other eco-system boasts off (do they get installed in one phone anyways, I wonder, sounds hilarious when fanboys claim we have 10 million choices, yea but only one phone to get them all installed :P, I do have all the important apps I need and yea pure MS Office integrated. It gives a brilliant ROI and that's what makes drives customer satisfaction. Very satisfied!!! This satisfaction has even driven me to present the Lumia 630 dual SIM one to my father.

  15. Alwyn
    June 22, 2014 at 9:54 pm

    I was one of the few with a ten inch tablet as my main mobile device. I use the Xperia Tablet Z, which at home has replaced my mobile phone completely.

    Walking around the waterfront over the weekend I didn't really feel conscious clasping the device to my side and using it to take pictures etc.

    Indoors, with XBMC installed and a set of wireless headphones its my main communication and entertainment hub.

  16. Richard
    June 22, 2014 at 9:27 pm

    iPhone 5s, Dell Venue 8 Pro, Dell Venue 11 Pro, 15" MacBook Pro. I got em in all shapes and sizes.

  17. Peter F
    June 22, 2014 at 8:50 pm

    I have the Nexus 4. I bought it because of the price and the lack of intrusive apps that other s insist on sticking inside their devices taking up valuable memory. Having said that I have never come close to using up the memory on my Nexus and have been more than happy with it.
    As my phone contract nears its end (well.... 6 months from now) I am starting to see what is on the market and what potentially will be my next purchase and for some reason I can't get rid of the feeling that I want a slightly bigger screen.
    My first smartphone was a sony Xperia Arc which had a slightly smaller screen and I thought the Nexus 4 was big enough... and it is, but I keep thinking "if it was just another half inch bigger it would be much better". My wife says size doesn't count but I just think she is being patronising. (had to stick a size doesn't matter gag in there - sorry!)
    In all seriousness though, I do think a slightly larger screen than the Nexus 4 would be perfect for me. Being able to use a larger workspace would be ideal as I sometimes use Google docs for reference and I don't always have my Tablet to hand.

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