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ideas and entrepreneursHad a great idea lately? Done anything with it? If you’re an smart type who is always coming up with great ideas, you may have noticed that most of them go by the wayside because you just don’t have time to do them all. Meanwhile, some entrepreneurial types have exactly the opposite problem – they’re keen to make a great idea blossom, but they’re not big on the ideas.

OpenInvo is working to fill the gap in the idea market by connecting ideas with the sorts of people who want to work on great ideas. It’s completely free for users to list their ideas and have them valued for sale to companies who want to use them.

The fact that the right people are being connected to great ideas is the key to OpenInvo. Research and development departments of big corporations are able to browse relevant ideas which they might be able to implement in their business, while entrepreneurs can search for the idea spark they need to create something from scratch.

ideas and entrepreneurs

Generating Ideas

Idea generators are able to protect the privacy of their ideas using different privacy levels within the OpenInvo system. It is possible to patent-protect an idea before selling it on OpenInvo, however it’s also possible to offer an unpatented idea for sale within a closed system which is tracked closely by OpenInvo staff. If your idea might be of use for the greater good, you can list it as a public idea for general use.

Some public ideas revolve around serious things like social change, others focus on gift ideas and silly things no-one will ever implement. What could you add to the mix?

ideas and entrepreneurship

It’s possible to list an idea in OpenInvo and develop on it at a later date. You can also join forces with other idea-generators in the system and collaborate on the idea.

When listing ideas in the OpenInvo system, there’s a handy wizard to guide you through the steps and ensure you’ve given enough information.

ideas and entrepreneurship

Buying Ideas

Innovators searching for ideas are under strict guidelines not to steal ideas from the system. Idea seekers must sign an agreement before viewing the ideas and if they view any ideas that coincide with things they’re already working on, they must be able to prove that those ideas were already in development.

ideas and entrepreneurship

Sales of Ideas

OpenInvo will calculate the value of each idea as it is listed in their system. This will depend on how much work has gone into the idea so far in terms of development and detail. Since OpenInvo acts as the agent in between they will take a 20% cut from the sale of each idea, taken from the proceeds.

ideas and entrepreneurs

Obviously, the sale of ideas is a tricky business and no system will ever be 100% secure from idea theft. Since it is possible to patent your idea before sale via OpenInvo, consider that route seriously if your idea is that important. If however, you’re always coming up with great ideas and you’re willing to trust that the OpenInvo system won’t let you down, you could be looking at a nice little way to earn some easy cash.

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Will you try selling an idea through OpenInvo? Or are you more likely to offer a public idea for the greater good? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. setiri
    July 24, 2011 at 4:26 pm

    wow getting to be quite a few "idea exchange" sites around... I'll have to try this one out next.