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Big City Racer

Vanilla Live Games, the guys who previously brought us BetandRace, just recently released a new online multiplayer racing game. It’s been available for free download since June 26th of this year. It’s an enticing and free racing game, that allows you to measure yourself against other gamers worldwide. A MMORG; Massive Multiplayer Online Racing Game, so to speak.

Big City Racer isn’t just an online racer though. It’s a street racer, with tracks leading past all the great European landmarks. In that same climate, the game allows you to purchase new cars and parts – ensuring a thrilling, and ever so customizable ride.

Game Modes

There are basically only two game modes; training and multiplayer mode.

Training mode is an offline mode. You don’t race against computerized players, but against yourself. This mode allows you to better your time runs on all of those tracks. To give this mode a competitive edge, or just plainly see where you went wrong, you can also turn on a ghost version of your previously best run.


The multiplayer games are available from 2 up to 8 online players. Although players can build out and customize their cars, that’s only for appearance’s sake. To give all players an equal chance to victory, the cars all drive the same. Instead, you can adjust the top speed and maneuverability of your car at the start of each race – depending on the track.

online multiplayer racing games

Luckily, all players are classified by skill level. Depending on your racing skill, you’ll either be named a Rookie, Amateur, or Master. The game assures that you will only end up racing against players of the same skill level. This keeps the game fun for rookies, and exciting for masters.

Credits System

Like most free multiplayer games, Big City Racer employs a system of micro-transactions. These credits need to be spent in order to participate in the online multiplayer championship racing games, and can be bought online in small quantities.

However, gamers start out with a fixed number of participation chips. By performing well in races, and landing in the top three, you can earn back your share, and more. Free gamers never need to buy chips, if they are willing to spend enough time in training, and better their skill. And once you’re off, you can raise the bets and win ever more chips.

System Requirements

The game isn’t exactly system-intensive, and can be played by most computers, albeit in a lesser resolution.

Minimal configuration Recommended configuration
Processor: 1.5 GHz 2.0 GHz
Graphics card: Geforce 6200 and Radeon 9800 or higher with 128MB RAM Geforce 7800 and Radeon X1800 or higher with 256MB RAM
Hard disk: 512 MB 1024 MB
Operating system: Windows XP or higher Windows XP or higher
Internet connection: ISDN DSL

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