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When you lock your phone and leave it lying around, somebody might try to enter your password and access your data. If you would like to know who attempted to access your phone’s data, you will find an app called Big Brother Camera Security to be very helpful.

find out who stole your phone

Big Brother Camera Security is a free iOS application sized at nearly 6MB and supports iOS devices with a front facing camera. You start using the app by setting a passcode and an email address. The app keeps running in the background and takes two snapshots from the front camera when an incorrect password is entered. It also takes two snapshots when the application is shut down by somebody.

After obtaining the pictures, the app sends them to your email address. This is very helpful in case your phone gets stolen and you want to see the thief’s face. Other noteworthy features of the application include location detection through GPS, alarm sounds and notifications, visual alerts, and timestamps.

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  1. Colroe
    July 21, 2011 at 10:47 am

    This is a great site, and I have made use of the free manuals.
    One question, has Makeuse of ever investigated or reviewed spy apps for mobile phones,
    eg, Mobi Spy, Spy Bubble etc?