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Want to bid for a hotel room on Priceline but not sure how much to bid? BiddingTraveler is the magic tool as it will tell you a history of winning bids on Priceline for hotels in all major cities. Simply enter the name of the city and your traveling dates then BiddingTraveler will show you all the bids that have been recently won and displays them on a map for easy reference.

You can click on any pin on the map to see more information about a bid including the hotel name and the amount of the bid. You can also see information such as how long ago the bid was won, by how many people and if it was a weekday or weekend bid. BiddingTraveler also shows you the rating of the hotel such as 3-star or 4-star. You can also restrict results by hotel rating and enter your lowest/maximum bid to see  if your bid has a good chance of being accepted.

see winning priceline bids


  • See history of winning bids for hotels on Priceline.
  • See results on a map and filter by hotel ratings.
  • Enter your lowest and maximum bid to see if your bid would stand a chance.
  • No registration required.

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