BibMe: Online Bibliography Composer

BibMe is your one-stop destination for all your bibliography needs. It’s an extremely useful, comprehensive and simple-to-use automatic online bibliography composer. BibMe allows you to instantly locate needed reference sources, add them to bibliography list, and download ready to-be-copied bibliography to your PC.

bibme bibliography maker   BibMe: Online Bibliography Composer

BibMe – Feature List:

  • Search for a book (title, author or ISBN), magazine, newspaper, website, journal or film.
  • Choose between different bibliography formats: MLA, APA, and Chicago.
  • Reference entry modes: Autofill mode or Manual mode.
  • Get list of related sources that you can include in your bibliography.
  • Download ready bibliography as a Microsoft Word document.
  • Save and keep up to 10 bibliographies in your BibMe account.
  • Citation guide: View rules and guidelines for different citation styles.
  • BibMe database leveraged from following services: Books (Amazon Books), Magazines (LookSmart FindArticles), Newspapers (Yahoo! News), Journals (CiteULike Academic Papers), Films (Amazon DVD and VHS).
  • Got more questions ? See BibMe help page.

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